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What are the processes for surface pretreatment of Yongxing aluminum in Vietnam?

In order to enhance the protection of the aluminum profile substrate, some surface treatment is usually performed. Different surface treatment film thicknesses have certain differences according to actual needs. The film thickness units are generally expressed in μm (micrometers), and are usually abbreviated as μ. The thickness of several commonly used surface treatment films of Yongxing Aluminum in Vietnam is described as follows: 1. Aluminum alloy anodized surface treatment film thickness: According to the application requirements, the thickness of the surface oxide film of the aluminum profile is mainly divided into four grades. The average surface film thickness of Vietnam Yongxing aluminum alloy profiles is 10μm, 15μm, 20μm and 25μm, respectively, and the local content is not less than 8μm, 12μm, 16μm and 20μm, respectively. 2. Surface treatment film thickness of aluminum alloy powder coating: The film thickness of aluminum alloy powder sprayed surface coating is generally not classified, the average film thickness is not less than 40 μm, and the local film thickness is not less than 35 μm. 3. Fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum alloy Vietnam Yongxing aluminum surface treatment film thickness: The film thickness of aluminum alloy fluorocarbon sprayed surface is usually divided into two types: 2 coating 1 baking, 3 coating 2 drying, 2 coating average film thickness 30μm, 3 coating average film thickness 40μm, local film thickness not less than 25μm And 34μm.
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